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How Do I Purchase Top Quality Travertine Tiles in Louisiana?

Ask any expert and they will tell you that superior-quality travertine tiles are imported from Italy, Turkey, and some parts of Asia. While there are US quarries producing travertine tiles, the options are limited and your chances of getting unique colors and designs are slimmer. So, what should you do if you want to shop for travertine in Louisiana? The answer is to buy online from importers who source their natural stones from the best quarries around the world. Be sure to look for a supplier that can supply travertine in Louisiana and surrounding areas.
1. Look for a supplier that has a showroom near you. A reputable supplier does not only sell online—they also operate showrooms where they display their products. There, you can check the quality of their travertine tiles with your own hands and eyes, so you don’t have to rely on pictures alone. Visiting a showroom also allows you to get inspiration for your project.

2. Request for free samples if their showroom is too far to drive t…

What is French Pattern Travertine?

French pattern is among the most popular styles when it comes to tiles and pavers, and travertine is one of the finest natural stones that come in this pattern. It’s easy to see why French pattern travertine is a designers favorite. These types of tiles and pavers combine style, elegance, and durability to create wonderful interior floorings and exterior landscapes. When you install French pattern travertine, you are not only upgrading your home's look and quality—you are also potentially increasing its value.
1. Varieties
French pattern travertine is available in various colors and finishes. Which of them should you choose? That depends on your intended usage. Before you buy tiles or pavers, consider where you are installing them first. Remember that ‘tiles’ are for indoors while ‘pavers’ are for outdoor applications. Chiseled and brush pavers are mostly used for driveways or decks because those areas need non-slip materials. Polished tiles, on the other hand, are widely used in…

5 Things to Consider When Using Travertine Pavers On A Driveway

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of giving their driveways a makeover. But those who care about the overall visual appeal of their homes often invest in travertine driveways. Strong and durable, travertine is a beautiful alternative to cement. This material can add opulence to an otherwise neglected part of your property and dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. If you are in the market for travertine pavers for your driveway, the following are the most important things to take into consideration.
1. Patterns - The size and shape of travertine pavers can make a difference in the appearance of your driveway. French pattern pavers can create a classic look while rectangle-cut pavers laid in a linear can create interest and movement.
2. Thicknes - Typically, 1.25-inch pavers are recommended for a travertine driveway because they can withstand the tough outdoor conditions and hold up the weight of vehicles that run over them. But you can also choose 1.96 or 5cm thic…

French Pattern Travertine Tiles – Don’t Limit Your Options, Choose from the Most Diverse Collections In The U.S.

French pattern tiles can add sophistication and character to your space. In fact, they are popular with luxury home builders and owners because of their elegant and unique beauty. If you are ready to start shopping for French pattern travertine tiles then you must make yourself familiar with some of the styles available in this selection.
lAutumn blend brushed-chiseled – Do you want to create a warm and welcoming feel for your bedroom or study room? This stone colored travertine tiles that have red moldings might do the trick.
lCappadocia brushed-chiseled - For those who like the rustic or country home aesthetic, Cappadocia travertine brushed-chiseled tiles are a good choice. You’ll love the simple yet elegant swirls of red, ivory, gold, and black.
lCountry classic brushed-chiseled - Another great option for rustic or country style homes is country classic brushed-chiseled. This style combines brown and cream.
lDesert gold select brushed-chiseled - This honey-golden colored travertine t…

Transform Your Pool Area with Marble Pool Pavers

Marble tiles or pavers are ideal pool surface covering options, prized for their innate beauty and elegance. Quarried from mountains all around the world, the material can make any space look luxurious and upscale. If you are looking for a great material to decorate your pool with, here are reasons why marble is a great option:
• Marble can instantly elevate and enhance the appearance of any space, giving your pool a regal vibe. Moreover, the material comes in a wide variety of colors and stunning combinations of patterns, providing you with great flexibility when it comes to styling and decorative schemes these tiles can even be cut to different shapes of varying sizes to create simple to complex mosaic pieces.
• A product of nature, no two pieces of marble is the same, giving your pool surface a truly unique look. Marble also has very distinct features giving your pool area its own style and personality. 
• Marble has long been a treasured material by artists because of its natural…

5 Interesting Facts You Did Not Know about Marble Pavers

Did you know that marble is one of the top flooring options for luxury outdoor landscaping? They are often installed in patios, gardens, and driveways of upscale homes and commercial spaces such as hotels and resorts. They can even add value to the property as a whole because of their timelessness, durability, and universal appeal. What makes marble pavers a better choice? Here are 5 interesting facts you might not know about this material.
1. They are not really that expensive.  Because marble pavers look luxurious, people often think that they are expensive and are only suitable for mansions and upmarket commercial projects. Marble is certainly not cheap—but it is also not that expensive when you think long term. The key to getting affordable marble pavers is finding the right distributor. Choose a supplier that directly imports their pavers from quarries in Europe, Turkey, and Asia because their prices are usually lower than the market price.
2. They are not just white.  Marble pavers…